Softree Releases Terrain Tools CE

Oct 04, 2004

Softree Technical Systems Inc. of West Vancouver B.C. announced the release of Terrain Tools CE. Developed specifically for the forest industry, this new product provides traverse note entry on a handheld computer.

The Traverse screen operates like a spreadsheet. Bearings distances and slopes are checked as the user enters them. The screen is fully configurable. Column positions, format and sequence of entry can be user controlled. A variety of angle and distance formats are available. Customized screens can be saved and quickly recalled to accommodate different surveying methods. Closing error and area is calculated and reported.

A map consisting of one or more traverses can be displayed on the screen. Traverses can be added to the background as well as scanned images (for example air photos or maps). A profile view can be also be generated. Tapping on a point in either the plan or profile will automatically jump to the selected point in the notes.

Cable yarding profiles can be analyzed using the graphical '3rd point method'. You simply enter the landing, tail position and required deflection. The deflection is displayed for you. You can move the spar positions with the stylus or pen. Intermediate supports can be created and multiple d-lines can placed on the same profiles.

Terrain Tools CE runs on a variety of handheld devices and will interface with industry standard Laser measuring devices. Softree has been developing software solutions for the forest industry for more than 15 years. More information about Terrain Tools CE is available at the companies web site