Transportation Engineering

Easier solutions. Lower cost design.
Optimize your geometric design to reduce earthwork costs.

Unlike many other civil design software options, our products focus on engineering over drafting. Stand-alone or with your existing civil design software, RoadEng® and/or Softree Optimal can add speed and power to your next corridor design project.

A portfolio of civil engineering solutions suited for transportation projects:

  • RoadEng with Softree Optimal - Design roads, highways, and corridors that cost less to build. Adding optimization software to your geometric design process allows you to deliver the lowest-cost design. It also allows you to design faster.
  • RoadEng Civil Engineer - Complete road and site design software. Designed for engineers, not just CAD technicians.


Focused on Road Design

Geometric road design in a simple and intuitive user interface. Dynamic update of all windows. Customizable layouts.

Cross-Section & Template Control

RoadEng’s flexible template editor allows you to assemble typical sections using a library of customizable components. Account for ditches, pavement, sub-base materials, varying lane widths, cut slopes, variable height fill slopes, curbs, sidewalks etc.

Compatible Engineering Tool

Easily share DWG, DGN, and LandXML files with other programs. RoadEng and Softree Optimal both work alone, or it can integrate into other CAD or GIS-based engineering systems. Easy export to machine control through LandXML.

Construction Costs as You Design

With earthwork costing data as you design, you can adjust your design based on cost. Know preliminary construction costs before you build.

Optimal Vertical Alignment

Consistently find the lowest-cost design that satisfies your design constraints & standards. Bring down construction costs by 10-30% or more, depending on the project. (Softree Optimal only)

Culvert Design

Interactive culvert editor panel allows you to modify culvert position, diameter, type, length, skew and gradient. Add, edit and remove culverts using the culvert editor panel. Design options available for both natural stream crossings and cross drains.

Multi-Plot Report Builder

Easily share and showcase your design with Multi-Plot Report Builder. Print out plan, profile, and cross-section data as one document. Simplify your presentation of deliverables with single document control.

As-Built & Construction Quantities

Discrepancies between proposed design drawings and actual field measurements are easily calculated, with functions for digitizing takeoffs, stake-out, recalculation of design quantities, and modeling as-built construction throughout the life of the project.

Product Options

RoadEng Civil Engineer

RoadEng® is designed for busy engineers looking to get the job done. Alone or alongside other civil design software, RoadEng is a complete road and site design software. Includes all the features: Survey Data Management, Mapping, Site Planning, Costing, Culverts, & Road Design. RoadEng® is the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for.

Softree Optimal

Optimize the vertical alignment of a road created in any civil design program. Make your designs better by using this innovative tool to minimize construction costs, save engineering time, and evaluate design parameters.

We at ESRA (East Side Road Authority) have been using Softree Optimal since its launch.


With it we are able to test multiple vertical alignments in very short time spans, allowing us to test alignments that we would usually not have the option for due to time constraints. It has (on average) reduced our estimated cost for construction of subgrade by 15%-20%. Its ability to take into account the varying aspects of road construction and materials is unparalleled. We would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy to use, quick and accurate road design software."

-- Tyler Dychko, Manitoba East Side Road Authority, Winnipeg, MB

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