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Nov 26, 2021
Free LiDAR Data Sources
There is a growing collection of free LiDAR and other DEM/Elevation data resources online and available to the public. We are often asked by customers about availability for LiDAR (or DEM) data in their area of interest. So our Support Team has put together a little list

Aug 26, 2021
Version 10 is Coming
RoadEng Version 10 is Coming. And bringing multiple corridor surfaces, watershed functionality, grading optimization and more with it!

Aug 17, 2021
New South African Distributor: SOM Surveys
Softree is excited to add another great, knowledgable partner to our list: SOM Surveys of South Africa!

Jul 8, 2021
VIDEO: Why Optimize a Forestry Road
In this newly published video, we address the question of why and how to optimize a resource road. We take two well-designed road alignment options and vertically optimize each of them. We use the Softree Optimal add-on for RoadEng to generate the lowest cost vertical alignment based on the ground surface, the horizontal alignment, and the design parameters and constraints we entered.

Jul 7, 2021
Save 25% on Perpetual Licensing
Save 25% on all perpetual licenses for RoadEng and/or Softree Optimal, including: new licenses additional licenses license upgrades optimization add-ons *Applies to perpetual licenses only. Exclusions include CPLEX solver add-on, network executable, Terrain Tools, and annual maintenance programs.