How to Minimize the Environmental Impact of Roads Through Planning & Design

Dec 14, 2021

Together with Jeremy Araki of Onsite Engineering, Softree has announced a free, multi-part webinar series to discuss the environmental impact of roads, important design considerations, and demonstrate how to use geometric design software to help minimize their impact.


  Objective:  to highlight the environmental impacts of resource roads and help minimize these impacts by raising awareness of the importance of considerations and practices for planning, locating, designing, constructing, maintaining, and deactivating these roads.

  Who Should Attend: Road Design Professionals & Practitioners, including resource road engineers, planners, surveyors, and contractors broadly. *Concepts are applicable to other linear infrastructure engineering applications.


  Provide participants with an overview & understanding of:

  • the impacts of resource roads on the environment
  • the primary objective of minimizing these impacts
  • the aspects of resource roads that contribute to these impacts
  • considerations in planning, design, construction, maintenance, and deactivation to mitigate impacts
  • the expertise that is required – through education, training, and experience – to carry out these activities
  • geometric modeling tools, such as RoadEng, and their limitations that require significant judgment, based on operator education, training, and experience, to be used effectively.

  Provide participants with an awareness of:

  • considerations that they should think about when planning, locating, designing, constructing, maintaining, or deactivating a resource road
  • individual limitations and the need to engage with additional professionals, with other skill sets, to assist in those considerations
  • knowledge of additional reference resources & material.