Softree Makes Earthwork Balancing Easier

Oct 26, 2005

Softree Technical Systems Inc. a supplier of civil design software, today announced the release of RoadEng Version 4.1. RoadEng is an easy to use road design tool which can be deployed by itself or as an 'add on' to other CAD based civil design software.

Version 4.1 features an enhanced mass haul window showing material movements such as over-haul, free-haul, borrow and waste. As the designer makes alignment changes (in plan, profile or section) the mass haul window updates instantaneously. This immediate feedback saves engineering time and leads to reduced earthwork costs.

Other new features in Version 4.1 include:

  • Support for AutoCad 2005/2006.
  • Extended template capabilities.
  • Display of projected and intersected features in profile or section.
  • Mass haul reporting.
  • Improved stripping and sub-cuts.
  • Access to on-line resources.
  • Improved LandXML interface.

Applications Engineer, Jack Rimac comments, "The key selling feature of RoadEng is its ease of use. Busy engineers really appreciate the short learning curve. Design work that used to be done by CAD specialists is now being done by engineers, using RoadEng. The product's interactive abilities are also very popular. When people see RoadEng in action they are very impressed. No other software on the market comes close to its ease of use. The new features make the product much more versatile, at the same time we remain focused on keeping the product clean and simple".

RoadEng is used by more than 1000 companies in North America and internationally. More information about RoadEng is available at the companies web site