Softree Adds Support for Google Earth

Jan 17, 2006
Google Earth Compatibility in RoadEng

Softree Technical Systems Inc. of West Vancouver B.C. announces an interface to Google Earth from Terrain Tools and RoadEng, their surveying and civil engineering software.

Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps, 3D terrain models and powerful search functions allow you to visit any place on earth with a few mouse clicks. You can fly from one place to another, zooming and panning in both plan and 3D. A free copy from the Google Earth Viewer can be downloaded from

Maps and engineering designs produced using Softree products can now be overlayed at their exact geographic position in the world and shared with everyone through the Google Earth application. Support is provided for overlay of both vectors and images. Data from a variety of formats such DXG, DXF, Excel, ASCII, and Shape can be assembled and included the output.

Jack Rimac, Applications Engineer, says “Google Earth is definitely a milestone in the evolution of mapping and GIS. The map quality generally isn’t good enough for detailed engineering, but its fast, easy and its free. The ability to overlay proposed designs on air photos in 3D anywhere in the world is very powerful.

Whether you are doing visual impact studies, creating a public presentation for a proposed road or development, or showing off your favorite mountain biking trail, the ability to export to Google Earth is very useful. Just save in Google format and Google automatically flies to your overlaid features. You can send the resulting KMZ file by email to share with others.”

More information is available at their web site or contact Wendy Hellofs at (toll free 866-519-6222).