Civil Assistant - Interactive 3D Design

Oct 01, 2004

Softree Technical Systems Inc. of West Vancouver B.C. announced the release of RoadEng Civil Assistant. This new product adds interactive 3D design capabilities to other design software such as Land Desktop, Eaglepoint or Inroads.

RoadEng Civil Assistant, is a standalone program. It uses LandXML to exchange surface and alignment information with other design software.

RoadEng Civil Assistant is a truly interactive 3D design tool. Design is accomplished in 4 windows, Plan, Profile, Cross Section and Data Reporting. Each of these windows provides customizable feedback during design. Changes made in one window are instantaneously reflected in all other windows. For example, an adjustment made to the alignment in the cross section window will immediately alter the data window volumes, and the slope stake projections (catch points) displayed in the profile and plan windows. A distinguishing feature of RoadEng is that it allows you to change the horizontal alignment at any time. There is no need to recreate cross sections or redo your vertical profile after a horizontal alignment change. These interactive capabilities yield better designs with reduced construction and engineering costs. Printed output such as plans and profiles can be generated directly using Civil Assistant or the alignment can be exported back to the other civil design software for reporting and drafting.

According to company president Craig Speirs, "the strength of our software is its ease of use and interactive capabilities. We don’t do everything some of the larger design packages do, but what we do, we do well. Our focus is on engineering design not CAD."

Softree has been developing software solutions for land development and the resource based industries for more than 15 years. More information about Civil Assistant is available at the companies web site