Comparing the New Version 8 Multi-Plot with Version 7

Feb 20, 2018

New Feature Spotlight:
Comparing the New Version 8 Multi-Plot with Version 7

A profile of RoadEng 8's newly overhauled Multiplot... how it's changed from Version 7:

  • Page Types & Layouts:
    • V7: Limited to one page (layout) type at a time.
    • V8: Unlimited number of page types. You can now have plan-over-profile, section and a title page all in one document with consistent page numbering. And within the page type, you can have multiple plan and profile views. Plus you can visualize your entire output sheet with the new navigation pane!
  • Fine-tuning Design:
    • V7: Fine-tuning your layout was awkward.
    • V8: Fine-tuning your layout is much easier, with new tools, including: easier object selection, arrange tools, & align tools.
  • Single Page Edits: RoadEng automatically paginates your page type to fit the length of your design. But the capabilities for editing an individual page has changed between the versions.
    • V7: Single page edits were possible, but complicated. Very complicated.
    • V8: Easier single page editing. Subviews, images, text etc. can all be added to individual pages.

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