Why We Believe Less is More

Feb 06, 2018

RoadEng is developed with intentional simplicity:

The steep learning curve associated with most CAD programs just keeps getting steeper with the addition of new features, functions, and workflows--especially when a new version is released (aka "software bloat").

Leonardo da Vinci got it right when he said “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”... At Softree, we understand this, and we know that making easy-to-use engineering software is challenging but worth the effort. We are constantly looking for ways to make things easier for our customers. By listening and helping user with their real-life problems, we are able to transfer this knowledge into product improvements focusing on making engineering faster and easier.

RoadEng 8 was released with significant functionality improvements, but we also simplified, combined and streamlined many functions. It included a simplified user interface with less menus, dialog boxes, and options.

We believe that for many road designers, less is more, and RoadEng has always been developed based on this philosophy. RoadEng is not the best tool for all users and all projects--but when it comes to road & site designers, especially seasonal ones, looking to learn and work fast, RoadEng is really the best solution!

New to RoadEng? Or would you like to learn more about RoadEng 8?