Webinar: Designing Roads from Space

Apr 12, 2021


Preliminary Design, Costing & Feasibility of Corridors Using Satellite-derived DEM data


More about the session:
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0:00​ Opening Remarks
02:35​ Introduction to Satellite DEM Data, Teppei Kato of AW3D
17:15​ Q&A Discussion with RoadEng & AW3D User, Darryl Mack of Cambria Geosciences Inc.
24:00​ Live Demo – RoadEng for Prelim design using AW3D Data
36:17​ Questions from the Live Webinar Audience


Learn more:
Softree: www.softree.com
AW3D: www.aw3d.jp/en/
Cambria Geosciences: www.linkedin.com/company/cambria-geosciences/