Softree Presents Tools for the Modern Forest Engineer to NW COFE

Jan 14, 2021

Software Tools for the Modern Forest Engineer: RoadEng Forest Engineer - Presentation for NW COFE

An update on advances in RoadEng Forest Engineer software, including utilization of LiDAR for forest road design, earthwork optimization, interactive cable harvest planning, bridge and culvert site design, and more.

Presenter: Matthew Dickie, Softree Training Manager

View Matt's presentation on YouTube: 

00:00​ Introduction
 03:17​ Benefits of Geometric Forest Road Design
08:20​ Typical and Improved Design Workflows
13:17​ Utilizing LiDAR for your Topo Model
14:46​ Live Maps: Adding Ortho Photo to the background
16:26​ Cable Harvesting & Deflection Analysis
19:12​ Conventional Road Design with LiDAR
24:45​ Earthwork Optimization
30:04​ Multi-Plot Report Builder
31:44​ Field Tools: GPS Integration
33:46​ Field Tools: Exporting to Avenza (Georeferenced PDF)