​USDA Forest Service Purchases RoadEng

Jun 06, 1999

In May, Softree Technical Systems, of West Vancouver BC. completed the sale of 19 new RoadEng licenses to the USDA Forest Service Regions 1 (Northern) and Region 4 (Intermountain). This sale brings the total number of systems in use by the USDA to over 200.

RoadEng is a road design system ideally suited for rural roads or route location studies. The most distinguishing characteristic of RoadEng is its speed. Using the power of Microsoft Windows™, RoadEng allows the designer to work in plan, profile or cross section. Changes made in one view are immediately reflected in others. Functions are included for horizontal and vertical alignment design, cross sections, mass haul and slope stake calculations.

Incorporated in 1989, Softree develops and markets high quality scientific and engineering software for applications in the natural resource industries. Softree products operate as standalone systems are used by more than 800 companies in North America and internationally. Applications of the software include in surveying, mapping and road design.