Terrain Tools 3D Released for Beta Testing

Feb 01, 2000

Softree Technical Systems Inc. of Vancouver B.C. has announced the beta release of Terrain Tools 3D, a surveying, mapping and terrain modeling program developed for applications in the natural resource industries including forestry, geology and environmental science.

The Terrain ToolsTM suite is a quick and easy mapping package with functions for digitizing, coordinate entry, import and export, bitmap image display, drafting and creation of output drawings. The 3D edition includes digital terrain modeling, contouring, earthwork calculations and profile display and editing. New product features include; improved export to ASCII via the Windows clipboard, keyboard entry of curve information, volume and surface area calculations, design and drafting in profile, sub-surfaces, and general speed improvements.

Testing is expected to be carried out over the next 2 months. During this period, Softree is looking for beta testers to provide comments and feed back. In return for this assistance, beta testers will be provided with a complimentary software license for the completed product. The test program will be limited to a small number of users in each application area (forestry, hydrology, geology, mining, civil engineering, surveying, environment and archeology etc.). For more information contact Craig Speirs at cspeirs@softree.com or (604-519-6222).

Terrain ToolsTM is widely used throughout North America and internationally.