RoadEng Forest Engineer Version 8 Released!

Jan 22, 2018

Softree Technical Systems Releases RoadEng 8

Rolling Out Integrated GPS Capability and Enhanced Field-Friendliness

VANCOUVER, January 22, 2018 / RoadEng®, an easy to use forest engineering & design software, announced the release of Version 8. Version 8 offers some game-changing features for field-based forestry operations.

“Forestry has always been a ‘boots on the ground’ type of industry,” said Jack Rimac, Senior Applications Engineer at Softree, “I’m happy to say that our new Version 8 really has some big improvements those of our customers in forestry who spend a lot of time in the field.”

RoadEng 8’s Game-Changing Field Capabilities:

Some exciting new features will allow users to bring office-level design functionality into the field:

  • GPS Integration in all modules of RoadEng
  • New field-friendly licensing options
  • Compatibility with Windows 10 tablets (including the Mesa2)

GPS integration means users can track their location in the field while visualizing their LiDAR data, or even a complete engineering design. This makes visualization and field verification easier than ever before.

“The benefits range from design and pre-construction planning, through to R/W layout, construction and post construction,” according to Les Higgs, Provincial Engineering Systems Specialist with the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. “No need to make Geo-referenced PDF maps, just take the actual design right to the field.”

RoadEng 8’s new flexible field-friendly licensing allows users to virtually check out a license and take it out to the field. This means organizations can keep better tabs on their licenses and avoid losing them in the field. It also means users within the same organization can share licenses virtually across different geographical sites without having to pass along a physical USB key.

RoadEng 8 runs on a Windows tablet, which means users can bring the full engineering program with them to the field. The new version also includes an easier user interface and touch gestures which makes working with RoadEng on a tablet easier than in previous versions.

If your business is looking to improve efficiency in your field work, consider RoadEng 8. Want to learn more? Schedule a Demo at