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clean and simple
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    Key Benefits

Quick and easy.

Instantaneous plan, profile,
     section and mass haul update.

Affordably priced.

Minimal training.

Handles very large point
     sets such as LIDAR.

Used by 1000's of companies.

AutoCAD® compatible.

Outstanding technical support.

Compatible with other design
     software using LandXML.

RoadEng® Civil Engineering Software

RoadEng® is a site and road design software package. It works either as an add-on to other civil design software or as a standalone system. It includes functions for data collection, terrain modelling, contouring, volumes, profiles, sections, and road design.

Clean and simple and highly interactive, RoadEng can be used by anyone. You don't have to be a CAD specialist. RoadEng focuses on engineering, not CAD. RoadEng was designed from the ground up to work with objects such as surfaces, cross sections, alignments, drainage structures, and templates. RoadEng is extremely easy to use. More than 90% of our customers do not require formal training.

Plan and 3D Views
Plan, section and 3D Views