New Release: Version 9

RoadEng 9, Terrain Tools 9, and Softree Optimal 9

It's here!

What's New

  • Live Maps - direct georeferenced map data
  • Direct Export to Avenza Maps
  • Localization - available in Spanish & Croatian
  • Forestry Cable Planning & Deflection Analysis Functional overhaul
  • Plan Window Shading & Display Reporting
  • Horizontal Alignment Optimization (*Softree Optimal)
  • GPS Waypoint Sampling
  • GPS Track Log
  • Watershed Calculations
  • Location Multi-PLot Improvements
  • LandXML Export Improvements
  • 3D Culvert Visualization
  • Improved Alignment Tree Control
  • Multiple Horizontal Alignments - ability to use alignments as reference features

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Video Previews

Feature Preview:

Shading & Display Reporting

This powerful visualization tool is now available in the Plan window. It provides an ability to control shading and display by cut / fill zones, surfaces, template codes, and various other attributes.

Feature Preview:

Live Maps

Quick introduction to the new Live Maps feature of RoadEng & Terrain Tools 3D (version 9). It provides direct on-line access to free imagery and DEM data. Automatically georeferences it and brings it into your project.

Feature Preview:

Direct Export to Avenza Maps

Export Plan window data from RoadEng's Terrain and Location modules directly into georeferenced PDFs built for Avenza Maps.

Read more about: Avenza maps logo.png

Feature Preview:

Project Explorer Panel

New to RoadEng 9 and Softree Optimal 9 is the Project Explorer panel. The new panel makes it easier to work with multiple horizontal alignments and multiple vertical alignments.

Feature Preview:

Cable Logging Improvements

Improvements to the UI and functionality of the cable logging functions. Including: explore mode with loggable polygon, auto tail calculation, save as default for logging systems and equipment, improved profile display and more!

Feature Preview:

Horizontal Alignments as Reference Features

Use an additional horizontal alignment as a reference feature. In the video below, we will use a reference feature to control the elevation of the bottom of the ditch.

Upcoming Preview Webinars

Join us for an upcoming Version 9 Webinar:


Using LiDAR & Earthwork Optimization Software to Better Locate Roads

Earthwork optimization technology generates the lowest cost road location (both horizontally and vertically) based on earthwork volume and movement costs, as well as constraints such as minimum grades. Road optimization offers new opportunities to take advantage of more robust survey data, like UAV and LiDAR data, and improve engineering workflows, all before setting out in the field.

In this webinar:

  • We will work with a LiDAR-based digital terrain model
  • Horizontally optimize a proposed road alignment (includes vertical alignment optimization)
  • Review costs and explore the impact of design changes
Jan 9, 2020
11:00 AM PST

Version 9 Tour of RoadEng Forest Engineer

Join us as a take a functional tour of our newest version of RoadEng Forest Engineer, Version 9. 
We will showcase new Version 9 functionality in the context of a forest road design project using LiDAR data and a P-Line traverse. We will also showcase and discuss options for using RoadEng in the field.  

Jan 23, 2020
11:00 AM PST

Version 9 Tour: RoadEng Civil Engineer

Join us as a take a functional tour of our newest version of RoadEng Civil Engineer. 
We will showcase new Version 9 functionality in the context of a rural county road design project using data collected from a drone survey. 

Jan 30, 2020
11:00 AM PST