Version 9 - COMING Soon!

RoadEng 9, Terrain Tools 9, and Softree Optimal 9

Coming Fall 2019

Version 9 is currently in testing and available in Beta to annual support subscribers now!

What's NEW:

  • Live Maps - direct georeferenced map data
  • Direct Export to Avenza Maps
  • Localization - available in Spanish & Croatian
  • Forestry Cable Planning & Deflection Analysis Functional overhaul
  • Plan Window Shading & Display Reporting
  • Horizontal Alignment Optimization (*Softree Optimal)


  • GPS Waypoint Sampling
  • GPS Track Log
  • Watershed Calculations
  • Location Multi-PLot Improvements
  • LandXML Export Improvements
  • 3D Culvert Visualization
  • Improved Alignment Tree Control
  • Multiple Horizontal Alignments - ability to use alignments as reference features

Feature Preview:

Shading & Display Reporting

This powerful visualization tool is now available in the Plan window. It provides an ability to control shading and display by cut / fill zones, surfaces, template codes, and various other attributes.

Feature Preview:

Live Maps

Quick introduction to the new Live Maps feature of RoadEng & Terrain Tools 3D (version 9). It provides direct on-line access to free imagery and DEM data. Automatically georeferences it and brings it into your project.

Feature Preview:

Direct Export to Avenza Maps

Export Plan window data from RoadEng's Terrain and Location modules directly into georeferenced PDFs built for Avenza Maps.

Read more about: Avenza maps logo.png

Feature Preview:

Cable Logging Improvements

Improvements to the UI and functionality of the cable logging functions. Including: explore mode with loggable polygon, auto tail calculation, save as default for logging systems and equipment, improved profile display and more!