Product Overview

3D Mapping & Site Design

Terrain Tools 3D Mapping Software

Terrain Tools® 3D

A marriage of 3D mapping and engineering. Easy, friendly, and inexpensive. Create 3D terrain models and engineering designs for a variety of projects.

Terrain Tools® Forestry

Same functionality as Terrain Tools® 3D, PLUS an extra module for manual p-line data entry, and function for cable logging.

Terrain Tools® Field

Allows entry and verification traverses in the field on your iPad or Windows 10 tablet. Terrain Tools Field will be available for free and exclusively for annual support subscribers only.


Road & Corridor Design

RoadEng Road and Corridor Design Software

RoadEng® Civil Engineer

Designed for busy engineers looking to save time and resources. Use it on its own, or with existing civil design software.

RoadEng® Forest Engineer

RoadEng® is the industry standard for forestry road design across North America and worldwide.

Corridor Optimization

Vertical Alignment Optimization Software - minimize earthworks and engineering time

Softree Optimal for RoadEng®

Enjoy Softree Optimal within the friendly environment of RoadEng®, Softree's easy corridor design package.

Softree Optimal

Create better designs using this innovative tool. Minimize construction costs, save engineering time, and evaluate design parameters.