Terrain Tools Field

Enter your traverse on your tablet, in the field.

Terrain Tools® Field allows you to enter survey data and verify traverses in the field using an iPad. Once you get back to the office, connect the tablet to your computer and import OR simply email yourself the survey note file and you’re ready to go.

Available for free and exclusively to annual support customers:

  • Terrain Tools Field for iPad (available on the iTunes app store)

Get Your Terrain Tools Field Access

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Key Benefits

  • Save Time

    Skip the paper notes and the entry back into RoadEng. Take your notes once.

  • IOS Platform

    Available exclusively for iPad tablets.

  • It's Free!

    RoadEng annual subscribers get free access: 1 license per license on support.

  • Field-Friendly

    Record and edit multiple traverses, enter side shots. Easy entry of bearings, distances and slopes.

  • Compatible

    The iPad app is compatible with both RoadEng and Terrain Tools.


Terrain Tools Field for iPad

  • Easy entry of bearing, distances slopes.
  • Side shot entry (up to 12 per side).Manual entry of GPS coordinates.
  • Record and edit multiple traverses.
  • Compatibility with RoadEng® and Terrain Tools® products.
  • iPad Compatibility with IOS 8 and newer.

Available for download on the iTunes App Store!


How to get your access:

  1. On your iPad, search for "Terrain Tools" in the App Store
  2. Download the app
  3. Contact Softree through the form below or at sales@softree.com to get your login information





Terrain Tools Field for iPad was developed in partnership with Bawtree Softree.

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