Webinar: How to Optimize Earthworks for a Road Project

May 27, 2021

In this introductory webinar, we demonstrated how to optimize the earthworks (movement and embankment/excavation) for several road projects, including a road designed in another civil design software, a road through a swamp, and an overlay project.


Webinar Content (Times are Hyper-Linked):

0:00 Why Optimize Your Earthworks
0:54 Webinar Agenda
1:41 How Does it Work?
5:45 Project #1 Optimizing a Road Designed in Another Software (via LandXML import)
7:30 Assigning Costing: Handling & Movement Costs
9:28 Design-Time Costing: Cost Before Optimization
9:50 Setting up Earthwork Optimization Parameters
12:00 How to Get Your Costing Data (while Optimization solves)
13:58 Design-Time Costing: Cost After Optimization
14:30 Adjusting Alignments & Re-Optimization (adding a Control Point)
15:46 Project #2 Optimizing a Road Design through a Swamp
17:36 Interpreting Results & Adding Borrow and Waste Pits
19:23 Controlling Movement Direction
19:50 Re-Optimizing with Constraint Changes
21:07 Project #3 Working with Multiple Materials
22:39 Accounting for Surfacing Materials
23:15 Understanding Material Movement
24:32 Project #4 Optimizing a Widening & Overlay Project
27:10 Q&A

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