Version 7 Has Arrived

Nov 05, 2015

RoadEng and Terrain Tools Version 7 have arrived and are packed with new and exciting features. “Making software easy is something we take great pride in. We realize that new features are only useful if they are easy to use. That’s why we have taken special care to preserve our user-friendly interface,” said Craig Speirs, Softree Principal.

Faster and more powerful than ever, Version 7 is a significant step forward in functionality. It includes a variety of improvements in drafting, import/export, grading, visualization, terrain modeling, design and reporting. Version 7 is faster. Speed improvements in terrain modeling, LiDAR processing, alignment and volume calculations allow you to work faster and get more done.

RoadEng Version 7 is the first version to introduce some new costing and optimization features, including Design Time Costing, Smart Pits and Optimal Haul calculations. Design Time Costing allows you to quantitatively compare the earthwork and haul costs for multiple designs. Smart Pits and Optimal Haul calculations allow you to calculate and display the lowest cost material movement (including borrow, waste and sidecast).

The new release is available for sale immediately. Annual support subscribers should contact Softree for their complimentary upgrade.

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