V9 is Here

Feb 19, 2020

Easier and Faster! And lots of very cool new features...

1) Interactive Display Features that help you design smarter:

  • Plan window display shading – based on visual attributes, point codes or cut/fill sections; shading updates as you make changes to your design. 
  • Watershed calculation – Automatic creation and shading of different watershed areas (catchment or drainage basin).
  • Live Maps – the easiest way to bring a background ortho-photo into your design. 

2) Horizontal Optimization - Make better use of your LiDAR data with horizontal corridor optimization.  Enter a preliminary alignment, your design constraints and construction unit costs, Softree Optimal will find the most economical path from A to B. Running horizontal optimization commonly reduces sub-grade construction costs by 30-50%.

3) Cable Logging - Cable harvest planning and analysis using RoadEng 9 can help determine landing locations and road infrastructure.  Working off of a high-resolution digital terrain model (such as LiDAR), users can simultaneously explore multiple areas for deflection and cable harvesting suitability and conduct payload analysis. Harvest planners can review the potential locations in plan, profile, and in data views, allowing them to better determine optimum locations. Read more  here