Softree Agrees to Five Year Research Collaboration

Sep 04, 2015

Softree Agrees to Five Year Research Collaboration

Softree Technical Systems Inc. of Vancouver B.C. and U.B.C. Okanagan, have agreed to collaborate on research in the area of road and corridor optimization. The work will be carried out over the next 5 years and will include both theoretical and applied mathematical research.

Dr. Guigue, Research Engineer and Softree Optimal Project leader comments "This is really good news. It is a win / win situation, we (Softree) benefit from the team of top level researchers and the university benefits from Softree's practical industry experience. Optimization is a difficult and mathematically interesting problem. The benefits and savings in road construction costs are huge. Everyone at Softree is excited about pushing forward in this area. Softree Optimal is a revolutionary technology and we plan to expand on it. "

The U.B.C. team , led by Dr. Lucet and Dr. Hare, with the recent addition of Dr. Jason Loeppky, are world leaders in the area of road and corridor optimization. This area of optimization uses mathematics, computer science, engineering and related areas to find the optimal solution to a problem. In current practice, engineers usually examine a small number of design options before making a decision. This limited number is due to time constraints. Optimization will allow computers to mathematically test all possible designs, allowing engineers to design more cost effective and functional roads.

Softree Optimal is a new technology (patent pending) to determine the optimal alignment for corridor based infrastructure projects (roads, railways, pipelines, channels, etc.). Softree Optimal automatically determines the lowest cost vertical alignment based on design speed, cross section configuration, and horizontal alignment. It will account for excavation, grading and material movement costs. Unlike previous attempts at alignment optimization, this new technology produces a true optimal solution (not heuristic) and will accommodate detailed design conditions. These features allow it to be applied at any stage of the design process. Softree-Optimal can also be used to evaluate existing designs.

For further information, contact Wendy Hellofs: (604-519-6222).