RoadEng 8 Now in Beta Testing!

Aug 28, 2017

Softree Technical Systems Inc. of North Vancouver B.C. has announced the release of RoadEng & Terrain Tools Beta Version 8.

Version 8 has been in development for 2 years. Driven by user feedback and feature requests, Version 8 is an exciting and significant step forward in functionality, as well as usability.

Aesthetically, the new version includes a new, modern ribbon UI, updated dockable panels, improved screen layouts, and compatibility with 4K display.

The newest version is also designed to work better in out in field. It includes a variety of new features such as GPS integration, connection with TruPulse bluetooth laser guns, touch screen functionality, transferable licensing.

Some of the other functions include:

  • Multi-Plot Report Builder | Simplify your presentation of deliverables with single document control. Easily print out cross sections and profiles as one document.
  • 64-bit Version | Faster, more stable. Get ready to handle even more LiDAR data than before.
  • Improved Reporting & Customizable Attributes | More control over your reporting with smarter, user-defined parameters.
  • Data Window Curve Tables | Horizontal and vertical curve reporting in the Data Window.
  • LiDAR Thinning | Smarter point data thinning functionality. Thin your LiDAR without losing accurate surface representation.
  • Cloud-based Flexible Licensing | Borrow licenses and take them offline. Easier network licenses. No more lost USB keys.
  • Enhanced User Interface | Graphic enhancements to the entire user interface. New ribbon UI. Easier to use on tablets, easier for new users.
  • New GPS Capabilities | GPS integration in all RoadEng modules, for use on a laptop or a Windows 10 tablet in the field.
  • Single File Formats | Move and share files easier with new single format .terx and .dsnx file formats.
  • Improved Screen Layouts | Built to work with 4K display, dual monitors and built to move around.

Softree is distributing the beta version to exclusively to Annual Support Subscribers. For more information about the beta testing program please contact us at (1-604-519-6222) or at