Why We Believe in Perpetual Licensing

Jul 24, 2017

Softree will continue to offer perpetual licensing with Version 8.

We believe that choice and flexibility are important. As such, Softree will be offering subscription options with the release of Version 8 this fall. But, we believe that the majority of our customers will continue to opt for perpetual licensing.

We understand the monetary and time investment that our customers make in software. We're in this for the long run, and we want our licensing to reflect that.

We believe in adding value through our support subscription, not forcing our customers to stay on it to access the software.

Subscription licensing does make sense for one-off projects. But we firmly believe that a subscription-based approach is ultimately more beneficial for the software developer than it is for the user. Huge yearly subscription fees add up quickly, and if they aren’t paid, the user loses all access to the software.

Having an optional annual support and pay-per-upgrade model also keeps Softree accountable. It forces us to make product enhancements that are meaningful and effective, and most importantly, user-focused.

You paid for it. You own it. We will never take that away.

We are very excited to expand our licensing options and methodology this fall with the release of Version 8. Click HERE to watch a quick introductory video on how our new flexible licensing will work.