Freeware Surveying and Mapping Software Debuts

Nov 01, 2000

Softree Technical Systems Inc. of Vancouver B.C. has announced the release of Upgrade 2000 for Terrain Tools™ their standalone mapping software.

The Freeware Edition of Terrain Tools (available for download from allows coordinates to be entered using the mouse, typed in, or imported from external files such as DXF or ASCII. Scanned topographic maps, air photos and other bitmap images can also be incorporated. New features include enhanced drafting, entry of traverses in raw survey format (bearings and distances), custom linetypes, symbols, automatic labeling, and calculation of areas and distances.

Commercial extensions to the Freeware Edition , include support for enhanced field note entry and adjustment, digitizers, digital terrain modeling, contouring, volumes, profiles and road design.

Softree develops and markets surveying, mapping and engineering software