Pricing for Developing Countries

  • Perpetual & Subscription Options

    Flexible options for both subscription and perpetual timeframes.

  • Shareable Licenses

    Licenses can be shared among computers within the same office / branch location, with concurrent use limited to the number of licenses purchased.

  • Security Methods to Suit Your Business

    Enterprise network licensing, Digital Code & USB security options are available.

  • Technical Support

    All perpetual licenses include 3 months of technical support. Additional support services are available with our optional maintenance program.

  • Discounts Available

    We have discounts for developing nations, small businesses, and for volume purchases. Please contact us directly to see if you qualify.

"We are about to witness rapid growth in road building, with at least 25 million kilometers of new roads built by 2050. Nine-tenths of these roads will be in developing countries—in areas that harbor some of the planet’s most irreplaceable refuges for biodiversity. Roads boost economies, but they can also damage and destroy natural ecosystems that provide vital services for life on Earth." ~Juan D. Quintero, author of Environmentally Friendly Roads

As a future-focused software manufacturer, we want to ensure that all countries have access to technology that allows us to reduce the environmental impact of our roads and improve their design and safety. With RoadEng you can consider surface water management, slope stability, and sediment control in the design of the road’s surface and cross-section geometry, and help to improve communication for the construction of the road.


Additional Screens

Survey Note Entry and Traverse. Works with TruPulse 360 Laser Rangefinder.
Create bridge abutments and site designs.
Conduct multiple deflection lines analysis.
Import ASCII survey data. Automatically create joined and connected features.
Work with big LiDAR Data Sets - import, filter, create DTMs