Unit Setup dialog
This dialog is one of the tabs on the Terrain Setup dialog.
Allows you to change between Metric, Imperial and US Survey Feet Units. Other units (chains, paces etc.) are supported by changing the registry entries (see Units).
Allows you to change the angular reporting format.  The most common setting is Degrees, Minutes and Seconds.
Allows you to change the slope reporting format.
Cut/Fill Slopes
Allows you to change the reporting format specifically for cut/fill slopes
Allows you to change the station reporting format.
Angle Units
Toggles the display of degrees, minutes and seconds symbols.  When off, a colon is substituted for the symbol.
Decimals for Reporting
Allows you to set the number of significant figures for display of various computed values.
Slope Ratio
Design Slopes can be expressed as slope ratios (eg. 1:3). This combo box allows you to set the format.
Note that gentle slopes will display as Slope % even if Ratio has been chosen above. For example: 12.5% will display as 8:1 (or 1:8), but 5% will display as 5 (or 5% with Angle Units on).
Save as Default
This button will cause all the available units options to be saved in the registry and used as defaults for other modules.