Default Settings (Softree.ini)
Default settings are saved in the Softree.ini file and/or the Windows registry. Entries provide the default configuration parameters.
The Softree.ini file is located in the Defaults and Layouts Folder. To locate this folder, choose menu Module | Setup | Install tab.
The following are some of the important defaults stored:
ExeSysDIR=C:\Program Files\Softree\RoadEng\BIN
Installed directory containing executable files, help files, graphics filters, and dll files
SysDIR=C:\Program Files\Softree\RoadEng
Installed directory for default layout files and various parameter files.
number of tenths of mm per project unit 3048.0 ==> imperial units (feet)
color on/off for screen and plots respectively
(2 = Auto, 1 = On, 0 =Off)
print margin as percent of page width
Maximum number of points for feature draping.
Table Shading Colors
TableBackGnd=255,255,255 // Default background color for tables.
TableBackGndAlt1=240,255,255 // color at stations (alternate row color for tables)
TableBackGndAlt2=250,250,210 // color between stations ("Alternate row color for tables (between items).
TableBackGndHL1=175,238,238 // Highlight color for tables (survey notes)
TableBackGndHL2=240,230,140 // Highlight color for tables (survey notes, between items).
TableBackGndHL3=255,191,191 // Highlight color for tables (location module, data window)
Drawing optimization parameters
1) 250 = time in milli-seconds between paint interrupts.
2) 5 = minimum size in 1/10 of mm for symbols (greeking).
3) 20 = minimum size in 1/10 of mm for labels (greeking).
4) 30000 = max paint time in milli-seconds; if this time is exceeded during a paint the user is prompted.