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  • 2.190. General Setup Dialog
General Setup dialog
This dialog is one of the tabs on the Terrain Setup dialog
Menus/Function Groups
Menus Button
Allows you to add or remove specific menu items.  This button opens the Menu Customization dialog.  For more information, see Function Groups.
Print Margin
% of Narrow Page Dimension
Allows you to control the margin around printed output as a percentage of the narrow page dimension.
Right of Way Area Calculation
ROW Width
In the Terrain Module, add the RW Area field (under the Geometry subcategory) to the Status Window, using the Add/Remove Button in the Status Window Options dialog.  Select a feature and the area will be displayed based on the value you enter for ROW Width.  This is useful for quick estimates of areas along a line.
Allows you to modify or create new symbols. This option will popup the Edit Symbols dialog.
Allows you to modify or create new linetypes. This option will popup the Edit Linetypes dialog.
Allows you to modify or create new translations between Softree and Autocad for conversion purposes.  Opens the Edit Translations dialog
For more information, see Autocad Translations File.
Allows you to save the current Symbols, Linetypes, and Translation settings to an external TRF file.
Allows you to load Symbols, Linetypes, and Translation settings from an external TRF file.
This option will popup the Texture Hatch dialog. It allows you to use your own bitmap files as Terrain hatch patterns.
Default Font
This button activates the Font dialog, allowing you to change the default font for all windows. The default font is used for display of axis/grid labels and status window text and other items that have no individual Font control.
Ground Side Slope Display
Show First Slope
If selected, and displaying values at L-Line, the slope at the centerline (left or right) is displayed. 
If selected, and displaying values at P-Line, the slope of the first P-Line side shot (left or right) is displayed.
Show Average Slope
If selected, the average slope is displayed. The average slope is calculated as the slope between the ground at L-Line or P-line and a point on the ground at the Horizontal offset distance.
Horizontal offset used to calculate average
This value is used to compute the average slope as explained above.
Check For Updates
Set the interval for when program checks the softree server for a newer version of the program.  This can be disabled by setting to 'Never', or choose from 'Daily', 'Weekly', or 'Monthly' to have the program periodically check for a newer version.
Screen Graphics
Bold Selection Mode
This check box only applies in the Location module. If it is checked, selected alignments (horizontal and vertical) will be highlighted with bolding and large symbols.
Level of Detail Check Box
If this check box is enabled, the Level of Detail Optimization will be enabled.
3D Acceleration
If checked, the latest version of OpenGL will be used. Note, if this feature is disabled, some 3D features such as symbols will be disabled. Setting this is equivalent to setting OpenGLflag2=1 in Softree.ini file.
Help Preference
If Local Help selected, will always open the local help file. If Online Help selected, and computer is connected to the internet, will open a browser window to the corresponding help page, otherwise will swich to local help