Equipment dialog
This dialog box allows you to define a list of yarding equipment specifications. The parameters stored with each piece of equipment are used by Logging Systems when calculating deflection and loads.
Equipment List (List box)
This control shows a list of the yarding equipment available. Select items here to indicate which to Edit or Delete.
Edit (button)
To modify an equipment specification, select the equipment in the list box, then press the Edit button or double click on the setup list box entry. The Edit Equipment dialog will appear allowing you to change the equipment parameters.
Add (button)
To add a new piece of equipment, press the Add button. The Edit Equipment dialog will appear containing a copy of the selected item.
Delete (button)
To delete an item, select it in the list box, then press the Delete button. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. If the Equipment is being used by a Logging System, you will not be permitted to delete it.
Sort (button)
Press this button to sort the list alphabetically.
Merge Defaults (button)
Press this button to add any equipment stored in the defaults file. Duplicates will be ignored; however, if the default list contains an item with an existing name that contains different parameters then a unique name will be created. For example "Grapple Yarder" may be imported as "Grapple Yarder-2".
Save as default (Check box)
Set this check box to save the current list in the default configuration file for this computer (Dlines.prm in the Settings and Layouts folder). This will also save the units you have chosen for cable tension, log weight, etc. The defaults are used when you create a new Terrain file.