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  • 2.18. Edit Equipment Dialog
Equipment Edit dialog
This dialog is accessed from the Equipment dialog by pressing the Add or Edit button.
Name (Edit box)
This control contains the unique name of the yarder. It will be disabled if you are editing an existing item.
Cable parameters (Edit boxes)
The yarder can have up to three cable drums: Skyline, Mainline and Haulback. Some cable configurations (like Running Skyline) do not use the Skyline drum and these parameters are ignored. For each of the drums, you can modify:
Max. Working Tension: the allowed maximum tension. Units can be configured in the drop list below; changing the tension units here will also change the tension output units in the various displays.
Weight Per Length: used to calculate the load of the cable itself. Units can be configured in the drop list below.
Max. Length: lengths are used only for record keeping and are not presently used in the calculations. Units can be configured in the drop list below.
Spar Ht. (Edit box)
Enter the spar height of the yarder here. Note that this value uses the same length units as the cable length above.