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  • 2.28. Cable Profile Window
Profile Window (with Cable analysis)
When the Cable Analysis Function Group is enabled, Sub-Windows may be selected for display in the Profile Window, using the Profile Window Cable Options Dialog.
The following sub-windows are available:
Profile Sub-Window
Displays the ground line, chord between head spar and tail hold and the path of the carriage. It is always the top or main sub-window.
Tensions Sub-Window
Displays the skyline, mainline and haulback tensions. If you turn on Clamped Carriage in the D-line Calculation Options Dialog then the carriage is clamped to the skyline and therefore the skyline tension is different before the carriage (Skyline HS - the head spar half) and after the carriage (Skyline TS - the tail spar half).
The units displayed in this sub-window may be changed by changing the units for line tensions in the Edit Equipment dialog.
Tensions Legend Sub-Window
Defines the line types and colors used for the graphics in the Tensions sub-window.
Skyline Length Sub-Window
Displays the length of the skyline from head spar to tail hold. (This may be the sum of the lengths of the mainline and haulback for a Highlead system or part of the length of the haulback for a running skyline.) The length can be displayed in project units or normalized (as a % of chord length, always greater than 100) for better comparison between different setups by Normalized in the sub-windows options.
Note that the Skyline Length is directly related to the Equivalent Midspan Deflection which may be more easily interpreted.
Load Sub-Window
Displays the payload at each calculated point. To change the units of this display, change Load units in the Calculation Parameters dialog.
%Deflection Sub-Window
Allows you to display the deflection at each calculated point (vertical deviation from chord divided by the horizontal distance from head spar to tail hold as a %). You can elect to have the deflection calculated as an Equivalent Midspan Deflection by enabling Center Span in the % deflection sub-window options. This value is the deflection you would see if you moved a large load to midspan without changing skyline (or equivalent) length.
Note that the Equivalent Midspan Deflection is a measure of Skyline Length (independent of span).
Errors Sub-Window
Displays a red bar in areas where problems were encountered. A mouse click on the bar pops up one or more messages describing the problem(s). If the red bar fills the sub-window vertically then the calculations could not be calculated and no data for that region will be displayed in any of the reporting windows.
Note that sometimes calculation errors occur near the tail or head spar that may be safely ignored (it is not always possible to move a load very close to the tower or tail spar but still near the ground). To avoid these spurious errors adjust the calculation range in the Calculation Parameters dialog (see Cable Analysis - Calculation Parameters).
Calculation Info Sub-Window
Displays information relevant to the current method of calculation. For example "Minimum deflection given load, clamped load = 15000lbs."
Setup Description Sub-Window
Displays information relevant to the current setup. For example "slackline, sp carriage, SL, ML, HB, dropline, Sp Car, Car Weight = 10000Kg."