Import DEM Options
This is accessed from Import Setup or when DEM files are being imported using File | Open and File | Insert. There are three additional tabs: Selection, Projection and Rotate/Translate/Scale.
For more information about defining options and importing DEM files, see Importing DEM Files and Import Setup .
Display Points (check box)
Set to display the imported points in the Plan window. Clear for large DTM's where display speed will be an issue.
Display Extents Border (check box)
Creates a border feature based on max/min (X, Y) values.
Create 3D Model (check box)
This will create a TIN model as the data is being imported. Do not set this check box if your file contains a very large number of points (10 million is the recommended maximum although this number is hardware dependent).
Estimated number of points (edit box, read only)
If Selection regions are defined, this will display "Unknown".