Import Setup
This is one of the tabs on Terrain Setup, accessible from the Setup ribbon, Module Setup button.
List (list box)
The list box contains currently enabled import types. After selecting File | Open or File | Insert, these are the available file types in the Open File dialog box. You can add multiple entries of the same file format, each with different options. You can also remove any formats you do not normally use.
Options (button)
This button opens options for the selected item; these options are presented at open/import time also. Some import types have no options. in this case the button will be disabled. For a complete list of available Import Formats, see Importing Data.
File Ext. (button)
This button opens File Extensions which allows you to modify the file extensions associated with the selected import type. It will be disabled if file extension modification is unavailable for the currently selected file type.
Coordinates (button)
In the event that your file has an undefined geodetic coordinate system (projection) you can set the default here. This button pops up the Coordinate Transformation tabbed dialog box. See Rotate/Translate/Scale and Projection Transformation for more information. It will be disabled if coordinate transformations are unavailable during import of the selected file type.
Option Files (group box)
Options for all of the file types that appear on the list can be saved in a settings file (*.IOP). Note: Export options are saved to the same file.
Save As Default (button)
This will save all options (import and export) to the default configuration file, NORMAL.IOP, in your Defaults and Layouts folder.
Save As (button)
This will prompt you for a file name to write the settings. Note: Export options will be saved also.
Open (button)
This will prompt you for an IOP filename and replace the current list of options with those in the file. Note: Export options will be opened also.
Merge (button)
This will add options from an external IOP file. Merge will not overwrite any that have the same description. Note: only Import options will be merged, Export options will remain unchanged.
Items (group box)
Add (button)
Allows you to create a new import specification; you will be prompted to choose from a list of available file types. You can create multiple import specifications for the same file type, each with different options.
Remove (button)
This will remove the import specification from the list.
Shift Up, Shift Down (buttons)
Allows you to organize the order of items in the list.