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  • 2.173. Ground Layers by Range Dialog
Ground Layers by Range dialog
This dialog box is used to assign ground types and layer depths to a range of stations. It is accessible from Traverse - Layers by Range
Layer 1, 2, 3
To setup 2 layers (e.g. 1.5 meters of overburden over hardpan) you must enter 2 ground types and 1 depth. The depth is ignored unless the ground type for the layer below is defined.
To setup 3 layers you must enter 3 ground types and 2 depths.
NOTE: The bottom layer is always assumed to be infinitely deep.
The Edit Button accesses the Ground Types Editor allowing you to add or modify Ground Types.
Station Range
Enter the from/to station values of the desired station range. Select either horizontal distance, slope distance, or station indices.