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  • 2.172. Coordinates at Station Dialog
Coordinates at Station dialog
The Coordinates at Station dialog is accessible from the Traverse | Get/Set XYZ Coordinates menu or from the Traverse | Current Field menu when the cursor is in an X, Y or Z Column.
Easting X, Northing Y, Elevation Z
Shows the current x, y, z values and allows you to set them. If the value is set, the point becomes an Absolute Station. If a point is already absolute this dialog allows you to remove the absolute by clearing the XY absolute or Z absolute checkbox.
Note:  The first station of the traverse is always absolute.
Shift Traverse
Allows you to shift a traverse at any point to any set of coordinates.
Report Calculation Progress
Displays closing errors at the absolute stations during calculation.  Disable this checkbox if you have many absolute stations and don't wish to have the closing errors reported whenever a XYZ recalculation is done.