User guide
Report Point Properties dialog
Report points are places along the alignment where a cross-section is calculated. They allow you to view cross-sections by clicking with the selection cursor and to report information in the Data Window. In addition, graphical features in the Plan and Profile windows are created by connecting points in calculated cross sections. For more information see Point Types.
This dialog box allows you to define which report points are created automatically and how they will be displayed in the Plan and Profile windows.
Report Points list
Shows all types of Report points. If a symbol is defined, it is shown on the left. See Point Types for a description of all the Report Point types.
Shows the name of the currently selected point type (unless more than one is selected). In future versions, you will be able to create and name new report point types here.
Automatic (check box)
Many report point types can be created automatically when this check box is set. During alignment calculation, these points will be deleted and re-created.
This value can be set for Auto Interval point types. A value of zero is equivalent to clearing the Automatic check box.
Plan Window, Profile Window (radio buttons) 
Allows you to select which window to format the point type for. Each point type has a independent formatting for these two windows.
Use Default Symbol (check box)
The default symbol is a tick mark with the same color as the alignment feature (it shows black in this dialog box).
Symbol (button)
If the Use Default Symbol check box is clear, you may press this button to pick a color and symbol type for the selected point type(s).