User guide
Plan Window
The Plan Window is used to display and interactively modify the road location line (L-line). Changes made in the horizontal alignment are reflected in the other windows.
Creating and Configuring the Plan Window
1) To create a new plan window select menu Window - New Window - Plan. A maximum of 4 plan windows can be created.
2) To configure the Plan Window activate it by clicking on its title bar. Select menu View - Plan Options. To save these options for future use see Layout Files.
Features Displayed
Road edges (top of cut/toe of fill) are two types of calculated features that can be displayed in the plan window; their positions at any point are found by intersecting a road template with topography.
All calculated features are shown as straight lines drawn between cross sections.Generate reporting points to accurately represent these features. (see Edit - Auto Generate).
NOTE: To generate an accurate representation of calculated features (road edges, slope stakes, etc.), insert reporting points to cause more cross sections to be calculated (see Edit - Auto Generate). It is recommended you always have reporting points on surveyed stations (the extremes of the topography).
When a new design is created reporting points are inserted at each survey station. If these points are later deleted, it is recommended you re-insert reporting points on surveyed stations using menu Edit - Auto Generate.
You may control the configuration of the Plan Window (see View-Plan Options).