3D Mapping & Site Design

Terrain Tools® 3D

Easy, friendly,and inexpensive. Create 3D terrain models and engineering designs for a wide variety of projects.

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Terrain Tools® Forestry

Same functionality as Terrain Tools® 3D, PLUS an extra module for manual p-line data entry, and function for cable logging.

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Terrain Tools® Field

Allows entry and verification traverses in the field using a hand-held device. Connect to a desktop computer when you're back in the office and you’re ready to go.

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Road & Corridor Design

RoadEng® Civil Engineer

Designed for busy engineers looking to save time and resources. Use it on its own, or with existing civil design software.

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RoadEng® Forest Engineer

RoadEng® is the industry standard for forestry road design across North America and worldwide.

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Corridor Optimization

Softree Optimal for RoadEng®

Enjoy Softree Optimal within the friendly environment of RoadEng®, Softree’s easy corridor design package.

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Softree Optimal

Create better designs using this innovative tool. Minimize construction costs, save engineering time, and evaluate design parameters.

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