The easiest civil design software you'll ever use

An easy to use site and road design software package.

Significantly different from other civil design software, RoadEng focuses on engineering, not CAD. RoadEng was designed from the ground up to work with objects such as surfaces, cross sections, alignments, drainage structures, and templates. Ideal for designing roads and corridors with drone-collected data, LiDAR data, total station, traverse data and GPS.

RoadEng includes functions for:

  • Survey Data Management - including LiDAR, Total Station, GPS & Traverse Data
  • 3D Terrain Modelling & Contour Generation
  • Site Design - including graded pads, ponds, culverts, & bridge sites
  • Geometric Road Design
  • Cross-Section & Template Control
  • Earthwork Quantities
  • Output Sheets - Plan/Profile, Cross-Section
  • Construction Costs as you design

Used by thousands of consultants, counties, companies, universities, and
government organizations worldwide. Our clients love the simplicity, ease-ofuse,
speed and power of RoadEng . Read more from our clients.



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Key Benefits

  • Quick learning curve

    Be up and running in hours with little or no training with RoadEng®'s easy user interface. 90% of users do not require formal training.

  • Design start to finish

    And everything in between... Enter survey data, create horizontal & vertical alignments, calculate earthwork quantities, create output sheets.

  • Focus on engineering, not drafting

    Not just for CAD specialists. Our suite of products has been designed for busy engineers.

  • Real-time interactivity

    See the data. Change the design. No waiting around. RoadEng® works with you to build accurate models, design better alignments, and save earthwork costs.

  • Easily output & share

    Create .pdf output sheets. Share DWG, DGN, and LandXML files with other programs. Our civil design package works alone or can integrate into other engineering programs.

Geometric Road Design

Geometric road design in a simple and intuitive user interface. Dynamic update of all windows. Customizable layouts.

Cross-Section & Template Control

RoadEng’s flexible template editor allows you to assemble typical sections using a library of customizable components. Account for ditches, pavement, sub-base materials, varying lane widths, cut slopes, variable height fill slopes, curbs, sidewalks etc.

Site Design of All Sorts

A variety of simple but powerful features are available for site design and grading. Create virtually anything in 3D: terracing, pipes, surfaces, channels, ditches, pads or sub-surface zones including overturned and overhanging structures.

Costs as You Design

With earthwork costing data as you design, you can adjust your design based on cost. Know preliminary construction costs before you build.

GPS-Enabled Field Solutions

Designed to work on all Windows 10 enabled tablets and compatible with most internal/external GPS devices. GPS integration in all modules allows you to view where you are in Plan, Profile, or Section view at any time. Create GPS tracks on your primary survey data.

Survey Data Management

Automatically create a Terrain model (TIN) from large point sets, including LiDAR data with over 10,000,000 points. Customize your display options in 2D or 3D. See smoothed and labeled contours, slope vectors, and color shading for slope, aspect, and elevation.

Multi-Plot Report Builder

Easily share and showcase your design with Multi-Plot Report Builder. Print out plan, profile, and cross-section data as one document. Simplify your presentation of deliverables with single document control.

Compatible Engineering Tool

Easily share DWG, DGN, and LandXML files with other programs. RoadEng and Softree Optimal both work alone, or it can integrate into other CAD or GIS-based engineering systems. Easy export to machine control through LandXML.

Quarry design with ramps
Retaining Wall Cross Section Template
Work with big LiDAR Data Sets - import, filter, create DTMs
Work with multiple horizontal alignments
Profile, section and plan (with background photo) views.
Output example for site design. Shading by elevation.
Multi-Plot Report Builder tool for creating output sheets.
4 Primary Windows for Location Design: Plan, Profile, 3D and Cross Section
Model large LiDAR sets of over 5 million points. View in plan and 3D.
Import ASCII survey data. Automatically create joined and connected features.
Create bridge abutments and site designs.

Product Options

RoadEng Civil Engineer

RoadEng® is designed for busy engineers looking to save time and get the job done. On its own, or with an existing civil design program, RoadEng® is the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for.

RoadEng Forest Engineer

Born on the rocky & tree-covered terrain of the Canadian West Coast, RoadEng® is the industry standard for forestry road design across North America and worldwide. If you’re looking for forestry road design software, there’s just nothing better than RoadEng®.


In Mahnomen County, our problem has been finding a road design software package that is simple enough for our technicians to learn and retain after a season of being in the field, but that is also powerful enough to do the things that we need to accomplish in our road designs.

Our Engineering Technicians find it easy to learn and use, and the quantities generated by the program have been very accurate. The other thing I have been very pleased with is the technical support for the program. The group at Softree has been very quick to answer any of our questions and have been great to work with. "

-- Jonathan Large, P.E., County Engineer, Mahnomen County, Minnesota MN

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System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 Operating System
2 GB system RAM (4 GB recommended)
Minimum 800 x 600 resolution (more recommended)
Processor or motherboard built-in video is adequate
1 GB disk space