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May 16, 2019
Civil Engineering Software for Haul & Access Road Design & Optimization
Softree was recently featured in a list of top mining software providers on Insights Success, a business magazine which features all types industry trends and technology, sharing ideas of top leaders and business executives. Check out the interview to our Co-founder, Dave Mills, who talks about the Softree journey in the software industry.

Apr 26, 2019
​Why RoadEng Makes Design Workflows More Efficient.
The power of CAD-based software is a double-edged sword: it offers a lot of functionality, but with many functions comes a steep learning curve. A one-size-fits-all compatible CAD package allows many users of varying roles in a firm to access the same software, yet each individual user rarely uses the entire set of functions at once. Thus, the firm often ends up paying for a total number of licenses that often far surpasses their actual design…

Apr 26, 2019
Tribute to Jack Rimac

Oct 4, 2018
Working with Drone Data
Tips & more for working with drone data in Terrain Tools & RoadEng. Over the past few years, Softree has seen a significant increase in customers using DEM data and imagery acquired from UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) , commonly referred to as drones. This form of mapping has a wide range of applications such as surveying right-of-ways prior after felling and prior to construction, construction monitoring, and as-built surveys.

Sep 5, 2018
Version 9 Preview
The Softree Development team has been working diligently for almost a year on V9 and it is shaping up to be an exciting release. Here are just few features you can look forward to: Direct export from Terrain and Location to Avenza Maps for work in the field. Cable Analysis Improvements. Improved functionality for working with multiple alignments. Live Maps - Direct On-line access to free imagery and DEM data. Improved shading display and area…