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May 27, 2021
Webinar: How to Optimize Earthworks for a Road Project
In this introductory webinar, we demonstrate how to optimize the earthworks (movement and embankment/excavation) for several road projects, including a road designed in another civil design software, a road through a swamp, and an overlay project.

Apr 23, 2021
Case Study: Improving Design Efficiencies with Softree Optimal
Onsite Engineering Ltd. used Softree Optimal in a comparative analysis and saw a considerable improvement in the overall cost. Onsite's client had requested an engineered design of a proposed haul road in the Shuswap Lake area of BC to facilitate harvesting in one of their upcoming forest developments. The design section was approximately 2km with predominantly adverse grades and two switchbacks. Layout personnel had determined the area was…

Apr 12, 2021
Webinar: Designing Roads from Space
This webinar focused on the uses of Satellite DEM data in the preliminary design, costing and feasibility studies for road and corridor projects in our easy-to-use geometric design software, RoadEng.

Mar 25, 2021
Publicly-Available LiDAR Data Sources
There is a growing collection of free LiDAR and other DEM/Elevation data resources online and available to the public. We are often asked by customers about availability for LiDAR (or DEM) data in their area of interest. So our Support Team has put together a little list

Jan 14, 2021
Softree Presents Tools for the Modern Forest Engineer to NW COFE
Software Tools for the Modern Forest Engineer: RoadEng Forest Engineer - Presentation for NW COFE An update on advances in RoadEng Forest Engineer software, including utilization of LiDAR for forest road design, earthwork optimization, interactive cable harvest planning, bridge and culvert site design, and more. Presenter: Matthew Dickie, Softree Training Manager