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  • 2.383. Import DWG/DXF Options Dialog
Import DWG/DXF Options dialog
This dialog box is accessed through the Options button of the Import Setup dialog. When Autocad files are being imported using File | Open and File | Insert, there are two additional tabs in this dialog: Projection Transformation and Rotate/Translate/Scale.
For more information, see Importing DWG/DXF Data.
Points: 2D or 3D Radio Buttons
If 2D is selected, the incoming features are 2D (Elevation and Modelled properties are turned off).
If 3D is selected, the incoming features are Elevation features. If elevations are not included in the file they are set to -9999.0.
Valid elevation range
Points outside the range will automatically be set to 2D (draped). This option can be useful if you have text or other drafting features in the DWG/DXF file which have no z-values.
This fields below are only available if the 3D Radio button is on
All: All points will be imported as 3D.
Minimum 3D Elev: Points below this minimum will automatically be set to 2D.
Max 3D Elev: Points above this maximum will automatically be set to 2D.
Feature Grouping
Auto name using layer checkbox
If this checkbox is selected, the feature name is assigned from the Layer in the DWG/DXF file. The Alphanumeric ID is set to the Layer Name and the Numeric ID is automatically assigned sequentially.
Primary Name
This field is available only if the Auto name using layer check box above is not selected. If this field is entered, incoming features will have their Alphanumeric ID set to the Primary Name entered. The Numeric ID will be automatically generated. For instance if the Primary Name is set to UNIT then features will be named UNIT-0, UNIT-1 and so on.
Save Layer Table
If selected, the DWG/DXF layers will be saved in the Terrain Layer table (see Layers Setup dialog).
Insert blocks check box
If this item is selected, BLOCKS in the DWG/DXF file will be included (exploded). If this checkbox is not selected, BLOCKS will be imported as single point features. See your CAD manual for more information about BLOCKS.
Include attributes checkbox
If this item is selected, ATTRIBUTES will be included in the Terrain as text items, otherwise attributes will be ignored. See your CAD manual for more information about ATTRIBUTES.
This only applies if Constant is set above. This should be set to the scale of the CAD drawing.
3D Model
Create TIN Model from 3D faces
If this is selected, a Terrain surface will be created from the 3D faces in AutoCAD.
If this is not selected, 3D faces will be converted into individual Terrain features.
Large file optimization
Group isolated points
If this checkbox is selected, point entities are combined together into features. This is can significantly improve display speeds and reduce memory requirements when processing large files.
Show Log File
This will report all entities and objects in the AutoCAD drawing that were unable to be imported into Terrain.