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  • 2.353. Background Terrains
Background Terrains
Additional Terrain files can be displayed in the background. To add or remove Terrain files use menu View - Background to activate the Background Display Files dialog, or the "Add" button in the Terrains Window
Background files are "read only" they can not be changed (edited). To modify a background file you must read it in as the current Terrain. Background files will generally display faster in the background than they will in the foreground.
Profile Display of the Current Feature on a Background Terrain
The projection of the current feature on one or more background Terrain model(s) is displayed in the Profile Window if the following conditions are met:
a) The background Terrain has a Terrain model
b) The current selected feature is a draped feature.
c) Background is selected in View - Profile Options.
The projection of the current feature on the current Terrain is assumed to be topography and the top down order of the sub surface stratum is defined by their order in the Background Display Files dialog. See Background Terrain for more information.
    Figure 1. Profile with 3 Projected Features