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  • 2.316. Export Traverse Options Dialog
Export Traverse Options dialog
For more information about defining options and exporting Traverse files, see Exporting Survey Traverse Files and the Export Setup dialog.
The following options are available:
Side Slopes
If you select this option, side shots will be calculated at each station. The side shot traverses will bisect the angles on both sides of the traverse at each station. In order to create side shots you will require a Terrain Model. If one doesn't exist you will be prompted to create it.
Extension (from C/L)
This field is used in conjunction with the Calculate Side Slopes check-box above. The distance is the total horizontal distance of the side shot traverse on each side of the centerline.
Extrapolate Last Shot
This option applies only if the cross section extends beyond the TIN model. If selected, the slope of the last shot is extended from the edge of the TIN model to the specified Extension distance. Otherwise the last shot will slope vertically downwards at the edge of the TIN model.
Minimum distance length between points
If entered, points spaced closer than the value will be removed. If set to 0 all points are included.
NOTE: there is a maximum of 25 side shots on each side.
Ground Types and Layers
Layer 1
Enter the ground type of 1st layer (surface material).
Layer 2
Enter the ground type of 2nd layer. This option will only be available if Calculate Layer Depths is enabled and at least 1 layer is selected in the background.
Layer 3
Enter the ground type of 3rd layer. This option will only be available if Calculate Layer Depths is enabled and at least 2 layers are selected in the background.
Retain ground types from attributes
When a Softree traverse document is imported (see Import Traverse Options dialog), the ground type information is saved as attributes. When this traverse is exported the option allows you to retain the ground type information for Layer 1. Points which don't have ground type attributes will be automatically assigned the ground type from the closest station.
Calculate Layer Depths
If selected layer depths are calculated. This option will be disabled if no background Terrains are selected.
Description and Date
These fields will appear in the Edit - Survey Information dialog in the Traverse Document file.