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  • 2.314. Terrain Calculation dialog box
Terrain Calculation dialog box
This dialog box is accessed from Terrain Modeling - Generate.
Calculate Triangles (checkbox)
Causes a new TIN model to be generated.
Remove All Existing Contours (checkbox)
If this box is checked all contours are removed. If this box is not checked when contours are generated, existing contours are preserved unless they match the elevation of a contour in the new set.
Create Boundary Features Function (moved)
Point Selection (button)
This button opens the Triangle Point Range Selection dialog box, which allows you to select a subset of points for triangulation.
Max. side length (edit box)
If this field is filled in, triangles with sides longer than the specified maximum are removed.
TIN Boundary features can also be used to control triangulation (see Included and Excluded Areas for more information).
Include all (checkbox)
If this checkbox is set, side length will not be used to exclude triangles. This does not prevent TIN Boundaries and Point Selections from removing triangles from the model.
Major / Minor (checkboxes)
If selected, major/minor contours will be generated. If contour(s) already exist for a specified elevation the existing contour is removed before the new one is created.
Thinning/Smoothing (button)
Major Contours / Minor Contours (tabs)
Tab is disabled unless corresponding check box above is set.
Depending on the current tab setting, the following will apply to either Major Contours or Minor Contours:
Interval (edit box)
Elevation interval between contours.
Start/End (text) "+" (button)
The the elevation range for contours is displayed here; to modify the range, press the "+" button to open the Contour Range Options dialog box.
Contours will only be generated in the elevation range of the TIN model.
Format (button)
This allows you to change the Line-type and Color for the selected contour type.
Labeling (checkbox)
If selected, contour labels will be generated (see Contouring for more inPaintformation).
First Label Space / Next Label Space (edit boxes)
Distance along the contour to the first label and distance between consecutive contour labels, respectively.
These distances are measured in mm on the output sheet (paper space); therefore the scale of the Plan window affects the number of labels generated and the corresponding distances in project units. Only generate labels if the Plan scale is set to your desired output scale.