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  • 2.296. Multi-Plot Options Dialog
Multi-Plot Options dialog
This function can be accessed from menu Multi-Plot Options. Multi-Plot Options is only available if the Multi-Plot window is active.
This function provides global controls over all the Sub-Views contained in the Multi-Plot Window. To edit and format contents within individual Sub-Views see Multi-Plot | Sub-View Options.
Font - Rectangles Button
Sets the default font for all the text in the rectangle sub-views. Those rectangles for which you specified a different font or font size (overriding default) will not be changed by this option.
Get Default Font Button
You can reset the default font back to the default for all the rectangle sub-views controlled by above Font - Rectangles option.
Draw all graphics
When setting up the Multi-Plot sheet, redrawing the contents of each Sub-View (Plan, Profile, Data etc.) can be time consuming. By clearing this check box, the redrawing of graphics within all sub-views will be disabled.
When you have a combination of enabled and disabled draws for the individual sub-views, the checkmark will appear gray. (you can set sub-view draws individually using Multi-Plot | Sub-View Options - Draw to Screen)
Scroll bars
This option allows you to add scroll bars to the Multi-Plot window (note that shift arrow keys will scroll even if there are no scroll bars present).
Grid Options
Snap to grid
When this option is selected, the borders of sub-views coincide with grid lines (after moves). This option is very useful to ensure that sub-views line up with each other.
Show grid
When this option is selected, dots are displayed on grid points (see Spacing and Snap to Grid).
Show rulers
This option will display rulers along the top and left of the Multi-Plot sheet. This can be useful for setting up output for pre-printed sheets.
This option allows you to control the spacing of the grid in either inches or millimeters.