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  • 2.275. Profile Sub-View Options Dialog
Profile Sub-View Options dialog
The Profile Sub-View Options dialog allows you to control the profile display in the Multi-Plot sheet.This function can be accessed from menu Multi-Plot | Sub-View Options or by double clicking on the Sub-View.
The following options are available:
Draw to screen
This option enables and disables the drawing of the profile window contents to the screen. Disabling the drawing can speed up the frequent screen refreshes caused by typical operations used to set up a Multi-Plot sheet.
Bounding rectangle
This option enables and disables the display of the profile windows boundary. Pressing the "+" button allows you to change the linetype of the rectangle.
Scroll Position
Allows you to specify a starting and ending station for the profile. If Auto is selected, the station range will start at 0.
If Auto is not set the start station and elevation can be entered.
NOTE: If Auto is not set it is also possible to scroll the position of the Profile Window using a combination of the <Shift Key> and Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow keys.
This will display the Profile Window Options dialog.