3D Window
The 3D Window allows you to view the Terrain model from any perspective.
Creating the 3D Window:
To create a new 3D Window, select menu Window - New Window - Graphics - 3D.  A maximum of 5 3D Windows can be created at any one time.
Configuring the 3D Window:
To configure the 3D Window, activate it by clicking on its title bar. Select menu View - Active Window (3D) Options. The right mouse menu also offers access to the window options. To save these options for future use, see Layout Files.
Like other graphic windows, display functions are available from the View - Zoom/Pan menu or the Zoom Tools toolbar (excluding scale).
Navigation and Selection in the 3D Window:
Users can rotate, pan and zoom the 3D window terrain. Unlike other windows, a left mouse click and drag will change the viewing angle: while clicking and dragging left-right changes view azimuth, dragging up-down changes view inclination. Panning and zooming is achieved as in the other windows (using the center wheel mouse).
Select features in the 3D window by clicking on them.