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  • 2.187. Template Validation Options Dialgue
Template Verify Terrain dialog
This function checks templates for errors and inconsistencies.  A list is produced indicating the Template and Component along with a description of the problem.
Templates/components to validate.
Validate all templates.
Current selection
Validate the selected template or component.
Validate all templates that have been assigned in the current design.
Always perform validation when exiting the template editor.
If checked, this function is performed automatically whenever the template editor is closed.
Problems and Solutions
NOTE: If you encounter problems in the Component Folders (Roadway Components, Ditch Components, Slope Components, Overlays and Widening Components etc.). It is best to re-load these components from the E-library because someof the older components do not pass the Validity Checker.
Dependent variable(s) out of order.
This error indicates that the order of variables in a component is incorrect. The variables included in a function must appear in the variable list before the function. For example if a component variable A is defined as:
A = B + C
Then B and C must preceed A in the variable list.
Missing tie point 1 (2)
The indicated tie point is missing from the component.
Invalid Function
A function variable is poorly defined. Usually this means a variable referred to by a function is missing.
Component contains references to external point codes
This warning message indicates that a component refers to external point codes. This is not recommended because it makes the component less reuseable.